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Yes, you read correctly!

Although the snow may not yet be off the ground outside your window, it's time to make sure you will have the floral inventory you need for Sunday, May 10, 2020.

Why so early?

Atlantic Antigua usually receives about 200 cases of flowers during a regular business week.

For Mother's Day, that figure jumps to roughly 1000 cases.

To make sure that all the deliveries arrive smoothly and on time, we need to begin now.

Which blooms to order?

The top Mother's Day floral choices are usually roses from Ecuador and carnations and daisies from Colombia.

However, some people go for more exotic blooms, such as orchids from Thailand, Holland and New Zealand. There are many varieties of orchid, such as Heloconia, Tarch Ginger and Birds of Paradise. Orchids like warm and humid conditions but not direct sun. Put them in a warm spot, give them a spritz once in a while, and they will be happy.

Another Mother's Day bouquet choice which you probably won't see in any Canadian garden is Tropicals from Costa Rica. Costa Rica and Ecuador, being close to the equator, have the steady season, humidity and heat to allow Tropicals to grow year-round.

Don't forget to order greens.

These relatively inexpensive additions are very important because they frame Mother's Day arrangements and bouquets, and fill in spaces. They also make the colours pop and look fresh.

We recommend having a variety of fillers on hand. A basic favorite is Babies Breath. A fancier option is Baronia: a stem with little pink, aromatic bells. Soladago, Jepp and wax flowers are good options, too.

Questions about what to order for your Mother's Day customers?

We're here with expert advice.

Call Atlantic Antigua

Looking forward, with thanks, to receiving your Mother's Day order!

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  Posted: Tue Feb 4th 2020 1:00pm  a year ago

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