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About Atlantic Antigua Wholesale Ltd

Supplying florists in Calgary and Southern Alberta.

Atlantic Antigua Wholesale Ltd, a flower wholesaler, has been supplying florists in Calgary and Southern Alberta with beautiful fresh flowers since 1993 giving us a solid reputation as a fresh flower supplier.

We have a history of involvement within the flower industry since the 1930s. Read our Staff Bios to find out more!

Fresh Flowers Directly from our Growers

Our flowers come directly from farms, which means you get fresh, long-lasting product weekly.

We import flowers from Holland, Israel, New Zealand, California, Thailand, Australia, Ecuador, Columbia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Oregon, Florida, British Columbia and Alberta.

Our South American Flower Growers


Some of our cut flowers and fillers come directly from the nurseries of our South American Flower Growers. The exceptional climate in these areas is great for commercial flower growing and allows us to deliver quality flowers to florists around Calgary and Southern Alberta.

*View our South American Flower Growers Photo Gallery for pictures of our visits to our growers. *

Where our Flowers Come From

Here are some examples of countries in South American from which our flowers come directly from:


Our Birds of Paradise come from Guatemala


Tropical Flowers come from either Guatemala or Costa Rica


Our roses come from our Growers In Ecuador


Our carnations come from our Growers In Colombia

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