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Nothing symbolizes Valentine's Day like the red rose, right?

Makes sense. In the language of flowers, red roses mean love, love, and more love.

Red roses are THE Valentine's Day flower choice

And because roses are the most popular choice, it is important not to run out.

Fortunately, Atlantic Antigua works very hard to keep you covered.

Huge increase in demand

We know that roses are going to be 6-7 times more in demand than at other times. Picture a flower importer who usually moves about 1000 boxes a week suddenly having to handle 7000.

Transportation logistics

Then there is the challenging matter of finding enough planes, trucks, drivers, and other support personnel to actually process all of these flowers. They need to arrive as they started out: fresh, lovely, and ready to wow all the loves in your customers' lives.

The grower has to find more people. The shipping companies have to find more staff who are willing to work 24/7. The airlines have to find and schedule more planes. The trucking companies have to find more trucks, more drivers.

If something goes wrong you could have a big problem.

A benefit of Atlantic Antigua

We have refined our process to create a shorter chain. The fewer links, the lower the chances that something could go wrong.

One of the ways in which we look out for you is by working with the same people for many years. The trucking company is the same. The shipping arrangements are the same. The growers are the same. Everyone knows the kinds of quantities we need for Valentine's Day, and they get prepared well in advance.

We like to think that we are working with quality people and that we are a priority to them.

Of course, things happen, things that are out of our hands and beyond our control. However, that is rare and the few times that situations have arisen, we have been able to come through.

Most of the time when that has happened, we were able to get the product here because of the relationship we have with our grower and supply chain—the value of working a long time with quality people.

Other Valentine's Day flower options

Red roses are not the only flower given on Valentine's Day.

According to the Language of Flowers, here are three more…all of which we stock:

  • Red Carnations
  • White Lilies
  • Red Tulips

Perhaps consider getting some of these, too.

It's time to place your Valentine's Day flower order.

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  Posted: Tue Jan 7th 2020 1:00pm  a year ago

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