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The upcoming winter season has two dominant colours: the white of frost and snow, the red of the holidays.

Chances are, your customers are going to be looking to add some red and/or white accents to their seasonal and holiday floral arrangements.

At Atlantic Antigua, your local Calgary flower distributor, red and white flowers are aplenty.

In addition to these colours being traditionally associated with this time of year, they can have positive effects on our mood.

During the darker days of winter when people tend to feel more tired and droopy, rich red blooms command attention and energize those who see them.

In Canada and other parts of the western world, white blossoms are associated with peacefulness, cleanliness, and innocence—a symbolic colour as we end the year and look forward to a fresh, new start.

Here are our top red and white floral suggestions:


The large blooms in red, white or a combination of both, give a dynamic burst of colour to the winter holiday season.

Calla Lillies

A classic, white option for formal floral arrangements.


Regular and mini varieties are available in both red and white. The compact and densely-petaled flowers make a bold splash however they are used.


Here's a daisy variety which comes in red and white (among other colours). The large number of small, compact petals means you get a big burst of colour in each flower.


After the flowers, varieties of hypericum develop clusters of vibrantly red berries. As we know, people associate these types of berries with winter and the holiday season.

Hypericum can stand alone in a display with green foliage, accent a mixed bouquet or be used for creating wreaths.

Ilex Berry

The other name for this plant is Winterberry, and it is a type of holly. Need we say more?

OK, we will…the vibrant green leaves and bold red berries are a time-honored essential of this season.

Lisianthus White

Like the tissue paper which presents are nestled in, lisianthus petals are soft and gently pleated. They would be wonderful as part of a breakfast centerpiece, gently awakening the senses to the beauty of the day.

Mums: Commercial and Spider White

The dense grouping of narrow petals means a lot of compact colour, making a definite statement.


Available in white and burgundy, peonies are excellently suited to large/small, high/low floral arrangements and table centerpieces.


No matter which season, roses find their way into a wide variety of uses.

Atlantic Antigua has a variety of red and white roses for you to choose from.

Red rose varieties: Freedom, Hallelujah, Red.

White rose varieties: Garden Rose White, Mondial, Playa Blanca, Polar Star, White.

Find these wholesale flowers and more in the Atlantic Antigua catalogue.

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  Posted: Tue Dec 3rd 2019 1:00pm  2 years ago

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