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Countdown to Christmas

In Calgary, we at Atlantic Antigua are counting down the days.

Keep an eye on the clock here.

Time to get organized

As you can see from the Countdown Clock above, it's not too early to begin your preparations for the holiday season.

Like Santa does, a good organizational tip is to get together a list of your flower, filler, and greenery needs…but check it more than twice.

Tips for an effective list

1. Take a look at your sales from last Christmas. This will give you a base to begin from.

Depending on how accurate your sales data is, identify quantities of each item you had in stock last Christmas season. In this way, you won't forget any essential flower, filler or greenery 'ingredients.'

2. This year, December weather is predicted to be slightly warmer—by about 6 degrees. Our Calgary white Christmas season should be more pleasant for getting out and about.

More out and about could mean more planned events…and more orders for floral decorations.

So, consider increasing your last year's supplies by a small percentage.

3. The Calgary Christmas party season is underway. Forget the obligatory office parties, the season is bursting with specialty public and private parties.

  • Have any of these events ordered seasonal decorations from you? Don't forget to add their needs to your list.
  • Perhaps some are still looking for Christmasy greenery and flowers. You could give them a call and ask.

Right then …put on your

thinking Santa cap, and get to work!

Find your Christmas season florals, greenery and more in the Atlantic Antigua catalogue.

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  Posted: Tue Nov 5th 2019 1:00pm  2 years ago

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