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As we settle into the routine and change brought about by a new season, it's hard not to notice the crisp fall days bringing about a change in our scenery.

From golden yellows and orange-reds to the deep burgundy so many are fond of—these are the colours of fall. Bring a reflection of this change into your arrangements by using many of the cultivated selections available at Atlantic Antigua.

Moving into the season of harvest, it’s time to create hostess gifts for Thanksgiving. For fall, the deep burgundy is a must-have and adds a dramatic touch to bouquets and centre-pieces. Bold burgundy mixes well with peachy-oranges, plumy purples, and bright greens.

This combination would be a delightful gift to both give and receive, and for the floral artist, a creative challenge.

Be sure to reach out so you can offer your clients beautiful, fresh, farm-sourced flowers.

Find these wholesale flowers and more in the Atlantic Antigua catalogue.

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  Posted: Thu Sep 20th 2018 10:00am  3 years ago

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