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Have no experience putting together flower arrangements but want to become a florist? You might not know how to put together arrangements that will stand out and sell, but with a little bit of practice you can learn.

People buy flowers for many purposes, including centrepieces, decorations for events like weddings and funerals, or just to surprise someone they love. Florists help make this process stress-free by making flower arrangements that look great.

Here are 3 tips that will help beginner florists put together beautiful flower arrangements that last:

1. Before Arranging Your Flowers

Keep your flowers healthy before you arrange them by cutting an inch off the stems with a sharp knife and placing the flowers in lukewarm water with a floral preservative.

Using warm water will also help flowers open fully, making sure they look their best by the time they make it to the customer.

2. Use Foam to Make Your Arrangements Last

Many florists use foam because it helps keep their flower arrangements in place. Foam also absorbs water, keeping flowers hydrated so that they last longer.

Let a piece of foam soak up water before cutting it to fit your container. Water the arrangement every couple of days for best results.

3. Choosing and Arranging Your Flowers

Once you have your flowers picked out and your vase or container ready, it is time to start putting your floral arrangement together.

Start with bigger flowers and place them so they are even on all sides. Next, fill out your arrangement with smaller flowers and stems with leaves on them.

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  Posted: Mon Aug 14th 2017 9:44pm  4 years ago

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