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What You'll Fall for This September

The Calgary and Alberta Fall Season

As Calgary and Alberta sunsets are getting earlier (about an hour sooner than this time last month) and the temperatures are becoming nippier, one might think, "What is there to love about fall?" Well, the flower options, for one.

Soladago and Sunflowers—Hints of Sunshine

As the season turns the days colder and darker, people are looking for ways to feel warmer and brighter. Enter Soladago (Goldenrod) and sunflowers. Both Soladago (with its profuse clusters of vibrant, yellow flowers) and sunflowers (with their large, yellow blooms reminiscent of the sun itself) infuse living, working and eating spaces with gentle reminders of summer.

Sage and Eucalyptus—Great Fillers

To complement an arrangement, we recommend adding sage or tinted eucalyptus. Besides being wonderful, green fillers, both these plants are said to have therapeutic properties and as the cold season approaches, who couldn't use a little advance healing?

Further Uses for Sage and Eucalyptus

Speaking about healing, consider suggesting arrangements of just sage and/or eucalyptus to your customers for use in bathrooms, spas, health clinics and other therapy-based premises. Both these plants promote health and well-being.

Today's Design Tip

Consider the interplay of textures and colours when selling these items. All four mix and match in a wide variety of combinations, each blend giving different 'feels' and energies.

See… we told you there are things to love about fall!

  Posted: Thu Sep 14th 2017 5:00pm  4 years ago

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