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Is Fall Here and Summer Really Over?

With the fall equinox behind us, the Calgary and Alberta summer is officially over, but does it have to be? We at Atlantic Antigua have decided the answer is "no". We say that you can keep that summer feeling alive all year long with professional-looking arrangements of fresh cut flowers… yes, even in the winter.

Tips and Tricks from Canadian Flower Experts

Tip #1: Before you buy—arrangement plan

Consider placement. Fresh cut flowers do best in cool spots. They don't like direct sunlight or heating/cooling vents. So, will this arrangement have a 360-degree viewing area or will it be against a wall or in a corner?

Think about dimensions (height, width, and depth of the arrangement) and colour scheme. Do you want something that blends in or contrasts? What about textures—are there any you wish to echo or, again, are you looking for a contrast?

Now choose your container. Coloured containers (like turquoise and acid green) can really make your arrangements pop. What about a container inside a container? Place the smaller inside the larger. Fill the gap between the two with just about anything: coloured water, pebbles, clear water and lemon slices, glass flats… you name it, and just like the professionals, make sure your container is squeaky clean.

Remember: If you will be using floral foam, you will need the base dimensions of the container holding your flowers.

Tip #2: After purchasing—essential preparation

Condition your bought flowers by standing them in water for about an hour. Then, shorten each stem at least 2.5 cm. Use clean floral shears and make slanted cuts. Then, clean the stems, leaving just the uppermost leaves.

Tip #3: Arranging your fresh cut flowers

Concentric circles (no foam): Create a core of big blooms using an odd number of flowers; encircle with foliage or small bloom flowers; repeat, ending with foliage/small bloom flowers. Each circle should be positioned just below the previous one with the individual blooms slightly angled at about 20 degrees.

This technique is best done 'upside down and in hand'. That is, holding the stems in your hand with the flowers facing downward, so you can rotate the arrangement as you work.

Finish by placing in your container and adjusting as needed.

Foam-based: Since foam holds each stem firmly, you can play with the gaps between stems. Inserting stems close to one another will give that 'mass of colour and texture' feeling. Leaving more space will create a more architectural, minimalistic arrangement.

First, create your core focal point with an odd number of big bloom or 'main attraction' flowers. With foam, your core focal point does not have to be in the middle. An eye-catching idea for corner-viewed arrangements is to place the focal point in the corner itself, with the remainder of the flowers leading the eye out towards the main space.

Now work outward: For 360-degree viewing, work from the centre out, rotating your container often. For focused viewing (against a wall or in the corner), work from the focal point to the sides.

Is a room without flowers like a day without sunshine?

Well, the artist Claude Monet is quoted as having said, "I must have flowers, always, and always". We couldn't agree more!

  Posted: Tue Oct 17th 2017 10:47pm  4 years ago

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