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undefinedMother’s Day is the perfect time to show the mother in your life that you care by sending her a beautiful arrangement of flowers. In fact, just after Valentine’s Day, it is the biggest holiday for gifting flowers. To keep it in perspective, during a regular week here at Atlantic Antigua we important about 200 cases of flowers on average. However, on Mother’s Day, we obtain over 1000 cases for distribution.

Types of Flowers for Mother’s Day

Unlike Valentine’s Day where the typical flower is a rose, Mother’s Day lends a hand to many different options.

Here at Atlantic Antigua, we find that roses from Ecuador, carnations and daisies from Colombia, and orchids from Thailand are our most popular type of flowers to give.

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, Tropicals from Costa Rica are also really popular. You won’t find Birds of Paradise of Tarch Ginger growing in your garden! A variety of greens are used from all over the world to fill in the arrangement and make the vibrant colours pop.

Consistency and Systems are Key for Atlantic Antigua

One benefit of working with Atlantic Antigua is that you are going directly to the wholesaler for your flower purchase. Therefore, since there is a shorter supply chain, there is less likely of a chance that something will go wrong. Additionally, Atlantic Antigua has been working with the same trucking company and growers for years – and they have their system perfected.

Atlantic Antigua believes in providing the best quality to their customers. Unlike other wholesalers, Atlantic Antigua does not allow their flowers to be stored for days at a time throughout the shipping process. Instead, the growers ship the flowers fast, and every batch of flowers comes with a temperature sensor to ensure the highest quality is maintained throughout the entire supply chain.

Contact us for more information about creating a beautiful flower arrangement for the special woman in your life this Mother’s Day.

  Posted: Thu May 5th 2016 11:47am  5 years ago

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