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We have two major flower holidays—Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. We sell about 20 to 30 percent of our sales for the whole year between these two occasions. It's a huge flower holiday. On Valentine's Day, we sell basically one flower: roses. For Mother's Day, people buy all kinds of flowers.

Major flower holidays only happen twice a year.

The major problem for both of these flower holidays is the logistics of buying about 5 to 6 times what we normally sell. It could be 6 or 7 times the volume. This happens only twice a year. All the companies that are involved in bringing these flowers are working with the regular volume on a weekly basis, moving 1000 boxes a week, and then all of a sudden they get 7000. The nightmare is finding enough planes, enough trucks, enough drivers, enough people to actually process all of this.

It's always a struggle. It all happens in a week, and we have a week to find more people to do everything across the whole process or chain. The grower has to find more people, the shipping companies have to find more people who will work 24 hours a day, the airlines have to find more planes. The trucking companies have to find more trucks, more drivers. So it becomes a nightmare and we've been lucky so far—we've had a few problems, but nothing major.

A benefit of Atlantic Antigua is that we have a short supply chain.

If something goes wrong you could have a big problem. A benefit of Atlantic Antigua is that we have a shorter supply chain in which something can go wrong, because we have been working with the same people for many years. The trucking company is the same, the shipping is the same, the growers are the same. They know that for Valentine's Day we need 7 to 8 times what we normally do, so they prepare for it.

We like to think that we are working with quality people and that we are a priority to them.

We are not immune to failure, because there are things that are out of our hands, and we've had some problems in the past, but we have been lucky so far. We have been able to come through. Most of the time when that happened, we were able to get the product here because of the relationship we have with our growers. Otherwise we could never have been able to do it.

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  Posted: Thu Feb 8th 2018 5:00pm  3 years ago

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