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Tropical flowers are exquisitely beautiful and vibrantly exotic, calling to mind their balmy, lush place of origin. They grow year-round and are sourced from places like Costa Rica and Ecuador, where the tropical climate, humidity, and heat are consistent. Some of the more popular tropicals include Gingers, Heliconias, Orchids, and Bird of Paradise.

When arranging tropical flowers, sometimes less is more. Tropicals have the striking colours and silhouettes that allow them to make a strong impact either on their own, or juxtaposed against one or two other species.

When planning your arrangement, first think of what shape you wish to achieve, be it a simple sphere or a pyramid configuration. Then start with the largest flower, which should be positioned prominently and securely. Continue to place flowers, one by one, into the arrangement in a strategic manner, spacing out the flowers and adhering to the shape of your initial vision. Finally, you can fill the spaces with greenery, keeping the tropical flowers as the tallest and most visible elements in the arrangement.

Once arranged, tropical flowers will last longer in a warm spot with no direct sunlight. Provide fresh water and misting regularly, keeping them away from drafts and sources of direct heat. Tropicals differ from one to the other, but the more delicate blooms can last up to 5 days, and the hardier ones up to 8 days. Anthuriums can last up to 14 days with diligent care.

Tropical flowers, with their stunning colours and exotic flair, encourage creativity and artistry. Incorporate them into your arrangements for a beautiful and attention-grabbing result. Contact Atlantic Antigua for the best selection of fresh and high-quality tropicals.

  Posted: Fri Jan 6th 2017 2:38am  4 years ago

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