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Valentine’s Day was yesterday, so you’re likely enjoying the sight of a bouquet of stunning red roses – unless you’re like us, that is!

Our loves knew we’d love a little something different. Read below to see the gorgeous flowers that are in season in February, and our favorite flowers of the month.

Calla Lily

The famous, small relative of the more well-known lily, the calla lily blooms in white, deep purple, burgundy, and even orange. These show-stopping flowers can be the centerpiece of any table or home.


An incredibly popular flower, hydrangeas are stunning showstoppers. They're most often white, but can also be blue, red, pink, light purple, or even dark purple. The red or pink would be excellent replacements for roses for a more non-traditional partner.


For someone who may not love red or pink, these flowers might be the perfect choice. We think they’re most stunning in blue, but they’re also available in white – and pink, if that’s what you’re looking for. Try mixing these with other white flowers for a stunning, eye-catching bouquet.


In need of a more summery flower to get you through the lingering dreary weather? Look no further. These flowers, with slim, curled petals, bloom from a thin stem in brilliant shades of coral.


We love stars more than hearts some days, and this flower is beautifully star-shaped. They come in two colors: multi-colored red and pink, or brilliant white. We’re still enjoying our red and pink bouquet from yesterday, and love the white version for a fresh look moving into March.

What is your favorite flower, besides a rose? There are so many to choose from!

  Posted: Thu Feb 16th 2017 9:00pm  4 years ago

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