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undefined You may have never even heard of this flower before, however, chances are good that you’ve seen it. It may look like an alien’s brain or a feathery plume, but this flower sparkles in rainbow hues all season from summer to fall.

Getting to Know Celosia

The Celosia flower is part of the Amaranthaceae family. Plants that are part of this genus grow as the warm weather annuals in all growing zones.

You may be surprised to learn that there are about 60 species of celosia! Most garden varieties​ are members of the argentea and spicata species. These flowers are all similar in appearance with spike flowers, dense feathery plumes and gorgeous coral-like blooms. The celosia flower comes in vibrant colors like deep reds and bright purples. Commonly, celosia flowers have green foliage, however, some varieties have burgundy or bronze colored leaves!

Top Celosia Flowers

  • Bombay: The Bombay series produces those unique brain-like blooms in purple, red, and yellow
  • Castle Scarlet:The castle scarlet is perfect for anyone that loves red. This flower produces a deep crimson blossom.
  • Flamingo Feather: Such a fun type of flower! The Flamingo Feather can grow four feet tall with spiky pink blooms
  • Golden Yellow: Buttery yellow plumes contrast with deep green foliage

At Atlantic Antigua, we have a variety of Celosia flowers, including Celosia Cristata and Celosia Feather.

  Posted: Wed Aug 24th 2016 12:20pm  5 years ago

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