undefinedSummer wedding floral can range from pale pastels to bold jewel tones, making it a versatile season to choose décor and a theme. With so many options, it can get a bit overwhelming if you are planning your wedding. In an effort to help you, we’ve rounded up the top flowers to complement your summer wedding.

Calla Lily

This trumpet-shaped blossom originated in Africa and symbolized “magnificent beauty” to the Victorians. The Calla Lily is suitable for tall arrangements or presentation bouquets. Calla lilies have a sturdy, strong stem. Use them to add height and additional structure to tall centerpieces.


Cornflowers are an inexpensive choice appropriate for a casual wedding and come in a variety of colours including white, pink, dark magenta, and blue. Use them to offset bigger headed blooms like peonies and garden roses. Cornflowers are also a popular addition to centrepieces and bouquets.


A classic in English cottage flower beds, the delphinium has a beautiful spire and clustered florets. If you are looking for a country garden feel, delphiniums will complement your theme while adding height and drama. Delphiniums are also great options since they peak in the summer.


The tuberose has a strong, heady scent, so small quantities of this flower will go a long way. The tuberose is a trumpet shaped flower that grows in clusters. The tuberose is perfect for adding soft color to pastel pink roses, blush dahlias and white anemones. They are beautifully romantic, making them a perfect choice for your summer wedding.

If you are looking for more inspiration, contact us at Atlantic Antigua. We’ll be happy to help you find flowers that fit your décor and summer wedding theme!

  Posted: Wed Jun 15th 2016 1:59pm  5 years ago

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