undefinedWhen you are purchasing flowers, as a customer, it is important to realize that you are paying for design. Floral designers are skilled artists that take regular flowers and turn them into a masterpiece by meticulously and thoughtfully piecing flowers together.

Design is what inspires the florist, it inspires the wholesaler to buy product, it inspires the florist to make the design, and it inspires the purchaser to see it and love it. The ultimate goal of any florist is to make the consumer as happy as possible with the freshest product. At Atlantic Antigua, it is our goal to utilize the best quality that we can provide as a wholesaler.

Four Tips to Inspire Florists

Brian from Atlantic Antigua is an accredited florist that inspires us as the buyers and the customers with his designs. He teaches up and coming florists’ things they may not know. Here are Brian’s top tips that will inspire new florists:

Make sure you process your flowers correctly.

With all the cutting, cleaning up, re-cutting, and de-thorning, it is important for florists to have a proper process in place.

Think Natural.

Floral is all vegetative, so creating a design is really just manipulating the things that Mother Nature gave us. Look at the flowers and think about how you can make it look either natural or manipulate it to create a different form. Remember to utilize basic applications of design such as form and line.

Work with your client one on one

Here at Atlantic Antigua, we work with our clients one on one to understand their desires and expectations. Many people are very visual, therefore, instead of reading a description aloud, we go into the store and show them examples. Customers appreciate that they are able to see and touch the arrangement before making a final decision.

  Posted: Tue May 10th 2016 11:47am  5 years ago

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