undefined It’s no surprise that the floral business is super seasonal. Weddings usually take place during the spring and summer. While some florists are lucky to be busy year-round, this is sadly not the case for everyone. If you are looking for some ways to make some extra cash during your off-time, read on.


As a floral designer, you have a skill that many do not. People would love to learn how to create their own arrangements. Consider holding classes at your shop to teach the basics of floral designing. Couples, friends, DIY brides, etc. would definitely seek out your class. Make it BYOB or bring your own wine for some extra fun!

Sell Other Floral Products

If you are limiting your business to just floral designs, you may want to consider expansion. Offering other accessories, like floral jewelry, shoes, headbands, bracelets, etc., is a great way to expand your reach. There are countless brides looking for ways to stand out on their special day and floral accessories are uber-popular at the moment. Consider selling these accessories in your shop or open up an Etsy store so that people can purchase them online.


Writing goes hand-in-hand with teaching. There are many people looking for tips and tricks to floral design, and writing gives you an outlet to expand your reach. Consider writing about inspiration, DIY guides, and advice for other designers. You can sell your writing pieces to other designers, DIY flower enthusiasts, and bloggers.

If you take the time to think outside of the box, you’ll realize that there are many ways to spend your free time earning extra cash. Use your design expertise and your flowers to build your own brand and continue doing what you love.

  Posted: Wed Nov 9th 2016 3:39pm  5 years ago

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