undefined Dreaming of becoming a celebrity floral designer? Here are some sure-fire tips for getting your name and business out there.

Join Floral Design Networking Groups

Networking is really important in getting your name out to the public, building a brand, and getting clients. Almost every major city has weekly design talks or meet ups. is a great tool to see what’s going on in your city. It can help you meet new people that are important in your industry.

Become AIFD certified if you are not already. They have some of the best design showcases in all the world, which many top designers attend. Not only will this help you get great inspiration, but you’ll be able to shake hands with influential designers.

Building a Name

When you attend floral conferences, bridal shows, and expos, it’s important to have your elevator pitch ready for when someone asks “who are you.” Focus on what makes you unique and what you specialize in. Try describing your style or floral shop so that your prospects can get to know you.

Get Social

Social media is a great way to get your name out there when starting your floral business. Look for floral professional groups to network in onLinked Inand use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to promote your accomplishments and design work.


The top of the florist food chain is creating floral arrangements for celebrities. The higher your clients' budgets are, the higher profit margins you can have. Your designs should be unique and driven by flower quality. Look for ways to network with industry leaders to build your brand reputation.

  Posted: Wed Oct 5th 2016 11:15am  5 years ago

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