undefinedIt’s important to make a great first impression every time someone enters your shop. In order to create a great long-lasting first impression, follow these simple tips:

Tidy Up

Appearance means a lot when it comes to first impressions. It’s important to have a clean floral shop. If possible, position your workspace in view of your customers so you can make cleaning petals and stems a habit. Be sure to regularly clean your floors so that petals and trimmings aren’t lying around. This will make your space welcoming and comfortable for your customer.

If you have coolers on display for your customers, make sure that the raw flowers look like artwork that you have on display. You can even try putting fully arranged products in the coolers.


Having a professional demeanor is a no-brainer, however, what we actually are referring to is having a professional space.

Let your customers see your beautiful pieces of work by putting them on display. Having options in front of your customers will help them visualize and explain what they want. You can even have picture albums or an iPad with photos for customers to skim through.

Having a welcoming space should include some sort of sitting area where you and your customer can discuss the details. The more comfortable you can make it, the better. Think about plush couches and pillows.

Consider Teaching a Class

Want to bring in new customers and revenue in slower times? Teaching a class can be a great way to gain new customers and spread the word about your amazing business. Floral classes are fun and an inexpensive way to increase your shop's exposure and your profit. Holding a class once a month can help bring in $500.00 or more in profit. A bring your own wine or beer class is one way to make your class really appealing.

Flower Shop Tips

With these simple floral shop tips, you’ll be able to drastically improve the image of your shop which can turn more “window-shoppers” into consultations.

  Posted: Wed Oct 12th 2016 7:21pm  5 years ago

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