undefined Technology has revolutionized a lot of different areas, including the art of flower arrangements. Nowadays, the internet is filled with endless information on how to pick the right flowers, how to arrange them, and how to maintain them.

Flower Arrangements and Social Media

Floral designs have also integrated into social media channels. People are sharing recent flower arrangements they’ve received and who their favourite florist is.

Ordering Online

You used to have to walk into a flower shop, talk with a florist, and order your arrangement on-site. Now, with advanced technology at every consumer’s fingertips, someone can order an arrangement and even send it to their loved one across the country – all from right online! These eCommerrce websites provide a more convenient way to order flowers and pay for them online or through an app.

Showcasing Talent

You Tube and other social media platforms have provided florists a convenient way to showcase their talent and passion. Social media is a great way for florists to market their brand and get their name out to the public.

Bottom Line

In today’s technologically savvy world, it is important for florists to take advantage of technology and social media to improve their floral business.

  Posted: Wed Sep 7th 2016 2:38pm  5 years ago

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