undefinedHere at Atlantic Antigua, we get incredibly excited about new flowers because they help to invigorate design. Just being able to use new flowers can manipulate and change the entire arrangement. Let’s take a look at some of the new flowers we are excited to offer:

From South America

From South America, we are getting incredible open cut Cullers and greens. Additionally, we are getting beautiful calathea leaves, fan palm, san greana, and cordelines, which are not quite as common on the market. These types of flowers are limited in quantity, so they will inspire florists to reconnect with their roots and re-learn how to use them in their designs.

From New Zealand

New Zealand’s Cymbidium Orchids are extremely high quality. Plus, they are gorgeous flowers that last forever — maybe even a month! They are flown in from New Zealand and cut a couple of days before we receive them.

The weather and growing conditions in New Zealand are fantastic. They are optimal for producing some of the new, world renowned products. The seasons have the perfect humidity, and perfect windows, which allow the product to grow beautifully.

Why We Are Excited

These flowers are unusual and are some of the highest quality that you can get. The South American and New Zealand flowers will re-energize and re-confirm what they are doing as a designer. Good quality flowers will rejuvenate their designs instead of them being complacent in today’s market. To learn more about our exciting array of flowers, contact Atlantic Antigua today!

  Posted: Wed Jul 13th 2016 1:27pm  5 years ago

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