Here at Atlantic Antigua, it’s incredibly important to us that we provide the highest quality flowers for our customers. In this article, we’ve explained how we pick our flowers, and what qualities we look for in order to provide our customers with the best.

Quality Control

Every farm has different grades: Select grade, Fancy grade, and A, B, or C, which are the okay grades. Select grade and Fancy grades are the premium grades of flowers. Here at Atlantic Antigua, we only purchase the top two to ensure that we are offering the highest quality flowers to our customers. If the Select grade is not available, we will purchase the Fancy grade.

Who Grades the Flowers?

There are actual people that grade the flowers at any of the flower farms. We’ll never by the “okay” grades. Instead, we make sure that we are only focused on the Select grades and Fancy grades for the finest quality.

Qualities that Affect Flower Grades

The size of the flower, the length, the petal counts, and straightness are all attributes that determine whether or not a flower is graded “Premium” or Select.

The highest quality flowers will be rated select. If the flower has a minuet flaw, it will be rated Fancy, which isn’t bad. Most of the time, it’s difficult to the untrained eye to determine the difference between Select and Premium. With fewer petals and shorter stems, the grade will go to A, B, and C. To give you an idea, flowers that are in the supermarket are likely to be A, B, and C.

What We Look For In Roses

Roses have unique qualities that determine that type of grade they are. As an example, roses are graded based on the straightness of the stem and the number of petals on the flower. If it doesn’t have a high enough petal count, and the stem is crooked, then it will go down a grade.

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