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The Brief: Choose hardy garden plants that are suited to our shortish, Calgary growing season, can handle winter temperatures that may get down into single digits, and will not get dried out by winds.

One answer: Cranberry Viburnum

Where does it grow?

Cranberry Viburnum is usually found in prairie woodlands. However, it can adapt itself to almost any type of soil from sandy to loam.

Soil that is moist without being waterlogged is its favorite.

And while it prefers a sunny spot, it can do nicely in shade as well.

How do the leaves look?

They are similar to maple leaves.

New growth emerges as red, turning to green as it matures.

What kind of flowers/fruit does it produce?

In springtime, the Cranberry Viburnum has two-toned blooms. A core section of small, yellowish flowers is surrounded by large, white, lacecap flowers. Together, the two make a rather bold floral statement.

Come fall, the flowers give way to red berries.

How much watering does it need?

In our climate, only give additional water if growing for the fruit.

How tall can this shrub grow to?

Usually between 2-4 M.


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  Posted: Tue Oct 8th 2019 10:00am  2 years ago

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