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Looking for a more adaptable, easier to grow maple choice? Check out the Vine Maple (Acer circinatum).

Its green foliage does that beautiful 'fall thing'—turning vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red in the autumn (reminiscent of one of our national symbols) before they fall to the ground.

Is it a vine?

Technically, no.

However, on occasion, the trunk of the vine maple will lie on the ground, growing to a length of between 6-10 M. Hence, its common name.

Key stats

Height: Can be trained as a shrub, small tree or taller tree up to about 20 M high.

Leaves: Circular in shape; growing to a diameter of between 6-11 cm. They do not usually dry out in summer as many Japanese maple leaves do.

Habitat: More accepting of a variety of locales and climates. Their favorite hangouts are nitrogen-rich, moist soils such as stream banks and wetlands with full sun. However, they can do well in a range of water and shade conditions.

For the best fall foliage display, locate the trees in the open, not in the shade of taller trees.

This site gives more general information.

This factsheet gives the complete stats.

  Posted: Tue Sep 17th 2019 10:00am  2 years ago

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