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With the spring equinox right around the corner and longer days apparent, bringing in blooms to shake off the last of the winter blues is a must.

It’s no wonder the gerbera daisy is the world’s fifth most popular cut flower—with a wide assortment of colours in multiple shades, this favourite brings joy and cheer to our spaces.

Part of the buttercup family, with a layered-petal rose-like shape, Ranunculus is another great colourful flower to fill your shops. Ranunculus are trendy for wedding bouquets and can stand alone as a large grouping or partner with other cut flowers to make a stunning arrangement.

A striking and common pairing is to combine it with Anemone, another early spring bloom, offering a romantic, cottage-like vibe. Available in soft pastels, rich purples, and bright reds, when cared for, Anemone makes an excellent cut flower.

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  Posted: Thu Mar 28th 2019 10:00am  2 years ago

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