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Larry - Owner

Larry's family has a history of involvement in the flower industry. His grandfather had a nursery starting in the 1920s and continuing until his passing in 1959. In those days there were no imports of flowers. He grew product in his greenhouse, with a small shop at the front for arranging and selling. If you wanted greens, you went out into the bush and cut them! View black and white pictures of Larry's family, and the Lily of the Valley wedding bouquet made for Larry's mom - just like Princess Kate's! Grandfathers Flowers


Luis - Owner

Luis also comes from a long lineage of farmers and is an old farmer at heart. Luis' background, his knowledge of the spanish language and the intricacies of the latin american culture are essential to the long standing relationship with our SouthAmericanGrowers.


Inge - Customer Service

Inge is our expert at discussing your needs, taking your order, packing your product and ensure you are happy with your beautiful fresh flowers!

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