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Flowers from the Farm, From Us to You

Who doesn’t want to buy the freshest flowers possible? As a floral retailer, you want your customers to enjoy the satisfaction of a just-opened box of Ecuadorian roses with velvety petals and a smell of sweet spice. Or, you want to share your dreams of an exotic location as you gaze upon vibrant French bee peonies.

Every week, Atlantic Antigua receives flowers directly from farms in Holland, Thailand, New Zealand, Ecuador, Columbia and Australia. And they, in turn, every week and year-round, supply florists with a variety of flowers that are exceptionally fresh: what better way could there possibly be to provide your retail shop with fresh flowers from around the globe—and one that will satisfy your customers’ dreams and desires.

How are the flowers so fresh?

Atlantic Antigua’s manager and purchaser, Jennifer Weaver, says none of their products are held over to the following week: our customers only get farm fresh, hand-picked flowers imported directly from the supplier.

The alternative is to buy flowers from an open market, which they never do.

What difference does it make?

A week-old loaf of bread that resembles shoe leather doesn’t compare to a loaf of sourdough right out of the oven. And while the taste and look of bread are different than the smell and longevity of flowers, the idea is the same: nobody wants wilted flowers for a wedding, funeral, or a centerpiece in their home.

You want your customers to keep coming back to your shop to buy the freshest, newest, and most popular flowers available from around the world.

Flowers are hand-picked and shipped from the farm, guaranteed the same day the company places the order.

But what about local flowers?

The weather conditions in Alberta don’t allow for many options for flower picking all year-round, so the Calgary-based flower wholesaler relies on importing their flowers from different countries, where specific flowers are grown to perfection.

The excellent climate in different countries is great for the growth of commercial flowers, and it allows the company to provide quality flowers to florists around Calgary and Southern Alberta.

The local growing season in central Alberta is in July and August. Stay tuned for a blog on popular flowers Atlantic Antigua sells for the summer months.

Flowers are donated to NGOs

Flowers are picked fresh, every week. But, what happens to the leftovers?

Whatever the company doesn't sell by the end of the week, they donate to non-profit organizations, such as HIV Community Links, Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter, as well as Ronald McDonald House Charities. At Christmas and other holidays, they donate to different hospices in Calgary.

"We donate our flowers to cheer people up.”

—Jennifer Weaver, manager and purchaser, Atlanta Antigua

Atlantic Antigua has been supplying fresh flowers to retailers in Alberta for 25 years!

Find these wholesale flowers and more in the Atlantic Antigua catalogue.

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