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Peonies Signal the Start of Spring

Spring has arrived in Alberta and so have the assortment of vibrant peonies from growers in Holland and Oregon. From April to the end of June, peonies are in full bloom.

Peonies are eye-catching; they can grow up to 3 ft tall with large blooms and sport dark or light green foliage to match a plethora of colors, which drives up their demand this time of year.

Purple peonies dot gardens and bouquets across Alberta

Atlantic Antigua flowers come directly from the supplier’s farm, so they are fresh and incredibly beautiful. We import a large assortment of peonies in a variety of colors, with purple being the most popular of late. Purple peonies can have hints of red, lavender, and pink in them, making our selection even more unique.

Perfect for a garden, for a bouquet or displayed in a vase, your customers will rave about the versatility and beauty of your selection. From single, semi-double, to bomb-flowered types, the arrangements are endless.

Peonies do well in Calgary and Southern Alberta, as they need plenty of sunshine—6 hours to be exact. We offer a variety of peony cultivars for your avid gardeners who want to enjoy the gorgeous bloom throughout the season.

Peonies have known to outlive most people at 100 years, so this strong beauty keeps on giving to gardeners and bouquet enthusiasts alike.

We carry everything from Festiva Maxima, for a pretty addition to a wedding bouquet, to Mon Jules Elie, a luscious Dutch Peony with light-rose petals and a delicious, sweet fragrance.

Your most discerning customers will drool over the assortment of peonies you have to offer. Don’t delay. Order now while they’re still in supply.

Find these wholesale flowers and more in the Atlantic Antigua catalogue.

For fresh-cut flowers, directly from the grower

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  Posted: Fri May 11th 2018 10:00am  3 years ago

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